Born in Lampung 30 April 1996 named Adin Andrianto, raised in Riau since the age of 3 until now, being someone who is quite silent and doesn't talk much much. Taking education is like a person of equal rank. Don't think too much about what might happen.

Initially I did not like writing, did not like to exercise and many things that I did not like in this life at that time. But after I grew up I started to like things that I didn't like at first.
I think that life needs a process, not everything can be achieved in an instant way. If you want to achieve something, you must try and pray, of course. If you just pray, but not trying, it's just as meaningless, then if you just try it, but not praying, it means being proud of the almighty God.

The motto in my life is to be someone who is loved by many people, to benefit others, it would be nice to share something with others even though it is not material. For example, just giving knowledge through a blog that I created, my max level computer blog I created to share knowledge about computers for friends who want to learn in terms of computers, of course.

In the matter of my love, maybe it was pretty lucky at the beginning, because many things made my love break up in the middle of the road, maybe not because of the woman's fault, it could also be my own fault.

I am currently unmarried, because I am not really married in my mind, I want to achieve something that can make my heart satisfied with it. There are a lot of things that I want to achieve actually, but because it's not yet time until now I haven't got it yet.

My message to friends is that all love processes, in any form in any case, still love the process, because through the process we can know what is the name of the struggle, what is trying, when you arrive at the point you want, you will feel satisfied and proud of yourself.

Adin Andrianto

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