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Welcome readers learn computer, so glad to make an article that is useful for all of us, hopefully all of you are given health and no less any ya buddy. Because if we are in good health, surely we can do useful and useful activities for ourselves and others.
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By learning we so know and can understand with the lessons in school. Not only in schools we learn, but through the media in the present era we can also learn. As in this article I present lessons on computers and various types of its components.
Well, in this article I will give an understanding of the Text function and Char function in Microsoft Excel, this is the advanced lesson of the Microsoft Excel 2010 Guide that I created in the previous article. Just read the following reviews.
Text function
The text function in Excel is a function used to generate or process a character set. The text itself can consist of letters/alphabets, numbers, mixed alphabets and numbers as well as special characters.
CHAR function
The CHAR function in Excel is used to generate ASCII characters from a code number writing form of the CHAR function, as follows:
CHAR (number)
The numbers from 1 to 255 declare the value of the ASCII characters.
Type the numbers 65, 66 and 97 in cell A4 through A6 and look for ASCII characters in cell B4 up to B6.
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Place the pointer in cell B4 and type the formula with the CHAR function, which is:
= CHAR (A4)
Place the pointer over the B5 cell and type the formula with the CHAR function, which is:
= CHAR (A5)
Place the pointer on cell B6 and type the formula with the CHAR function, which is:
= CHAR (A6)
Well that's a little review of Text function and Char function in Microsoft Excel. See also Microsoft Excel 2010 Guide Next. Maybe you already know what I explained above.
Thank you for visiting this article, hopefully this article can add to our insight and science all yes. For a friend who wants to learn more about the computer and its components, just go back to Home in this article. Because here a lot of reviews about computer and device lessons and computer networks.

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