The creation history of the Internet

When Internet is created?, who is the inventor of the Internet? What year is the Internet?

You all must already know what the Internet is?, nobody does not know what the Internet is today. Moreover, the Internet is increasingly lively in Indonesia even in the world, all the information you can get on the Internet.

But some people only know the internet, they do not know when the establishment of the Internet, since when this internet was created. You need to review early internet formation in this world. The following is a description of the world's early Internet formation:

The history of Internet formation
In 1963, RAND Cooperation – A United States cold-war controlling organization faced a complicated problem. That is how the United States can still communicate smoothly in the event of a nuclear war, and in conditions when the war is over.

The solution to this problem is to create a network that connects all the strategic places throughout the United States, and can still provide request for proposals (RFP) to the University of California Los Angeles (UCIA). Several people were involved, among his Vinton Cerf, Steve Crocker, Jon Postel, and Robert Braden.

In 1964 it issued the RAND proposal, which essentially says that the network to be formed is not centered on a place and remains functioning even if destroyed. The idea is inspired by technology that allows you to send messages from the place of origin to the destination, by break the message into smaller parts. The so-called package at the time of submission, and re-arranged as originally, when received at the destination.  This technology is known as packet switching network.

In the 1969 Tabun, four interface Message Processor (IMP) was sent to 4 colleges, namely UCLA, Standart Research Institute (SRI), University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the University of Utah. This fourth network of places is referred to as ARPANET, sponsored by the Pentagon's Defense of Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the United States Department of Defense.

The Internet is not something foreign anymore for people at the present time. Nevertheless, many people do not or do not understand what it is and how it actually means the Internet. The Internet is a collection of global networks. No one person, group, or organization is responsible for running the Internet. The mechanism of Internet work is not based on humans, but is an electronic mechanism of action.

Each of the networks connected to each other, communicating using certain protocols, such as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (TP). From time to time, networks scattered in different parts of the world are connected with existing networks first.

A central network called VBNS (Very High Speed Backbone Network Services) serves to deliver Internet data traffic across the Americas and corners of the world, which is currently financed by the United States National Science Board. This central network allows internet-connected computers to communicate and transmit data to each other.

Regional networks around the world are already conditioned with the internet so that between computers from home to home, from one office to another can communicate with each other.

Process of information on the Internet
The journey of information through the Internet is a long and complicated process, sending an email, then arriving at the destination in a short time. Broadly, the travel information over the Internet can be described as follows.

The information that our computer sends, by the Transmission Control Protocol (TPC) broken to the smaller packages, then the transmitted computer is not as easy as we imagine when we are not as easy as we imagine When we go to the local network belonging to the Internet service Provider (ISP). After going through the local network, these packages run through various levels of networks, computers, and communication lines located in various cities around the world, before they finally reach the final destination.

In order for the travel to run smoothly, hardware tools, such as hubs, bridges, gateways, repeaters, and routers are required. The Hub serves to connect one computer to another so that it allows the computers to be able to communicate with one another. Bridge serves to connect one local area network (LAN) to another, so that the data can be sent from one specific local network to another local network. The gateway functions like a bridge, the advantage is that the gateway can translate data from one network to another.

Because the distance that the information must travel is sometimes far from the point of view of the physical location, the signals that transmit data may weaken. This is where Repeater repeater role is played to strengthen the signal at certain intervals. The amount of information via the Internet requires settings, in which case the router serves to regulate information traffic on the Internet. The router examines the package information and determines its destination and sends it to the next router closest to the destination of the packages.

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