How to create a table in Microsoft Excel

Welcome back to my blog Gaes, on this article I will give you a tutorial how to make a table using Microsoft Excel. You must be Sudang often hear what it is Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel is a number-processing software release from Microsoft Gaes.

In addition Microsoft Excel also comes with features that simplify the work of its users. One of them is a table, not just tables in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel also comes with a table that makes a worksheet more complex and ordered if using tables.
Here's how to create a table using Microsoft Excel easily and quickly. Follow these steps:

  • Open a Microsoft Excel program on your computer's desktop or laptop by clicking the left mouse twice on it, or right-click and then select Open.

  • Make the data like the picture below, to make it easier to apply the table then we will create the student value data as in the example.

  • Block all sections that will be in the table as in the picture above.
  • Then select Borders, as shown in the arrows image.

  • Then it will appear some border menu, then select All Border.

  • After selecting the all Border menu then the table view will be as shown below.

  • So that the table does not look rigid or plain, you can add color to the top of the table by block the top of the first table, looking like the picture below:
  • Then select the Fill Color as the hint at the arrow of the image below. Here we choose the yellow color.

  • The result of the table is already in color with the Fill Color menu.

Well that's how to create a table in MS Excel easily gaes, you can follow this tutorial because I made it easy and simple so you can easily follow it.
Maybe here's our discussion on how to create a table in Microsoft Excel. Don't forget to scroll down to see more interesting articles. Hopefully useful.

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